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    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Member bbwriter (Bryce to some of us in chat), passed away at seven last night (4 Feb 2015).

    He went into the hospital with bronchitis and a torn intestine. After a surgery to repair his intestine, they discovered an additional bacterial infection in his lungs, then the repair failed, as did his kidneys and liver. They took him off life support on Tuesday so he would be comfortable because doctors felt there was nothing else they could do to help him.

    Bryce was a close personal friend of mine, who lived locally part of the year. He is already sorely missed by myself and his other local friends.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    I am so sorry to hear that he didn’t recover. Even when things looked worse, I kept hoping for a better result.

    Take care of yourself.

    J.A. Marlow
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    So sad. He was on chat just this past weekend and he was always a pleasure to talk with.

    For those who have read the Forward Motion anthology, Bryce wrote under the penname of “Lane Decker Davis”. He was in “A Princess, a Boatman, and a Lizard” and “Cat Eyes.”

    He will be missed. :(

    I think it appropriate to dedicate the 2015 anthology to his memory.

    J.A. Marlow
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    Oh no. I’m sorry to hear this, Ashe. And yes, I think the dedication is an excellent idea.

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    Magic Seeker
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    Hugs, Ashe, to you and everyone who knew him.

    I like the dedication idea, too.

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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    Hugs. I hadn’t realized bbwriter was the same as the Bryce you mentioned from time to time in Daily.

    Take care of yourself.

    (I also think the anthology dedication is a good idea.)

    A.J. DeVial
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    I’ve just heard the sad news. My condolences – bbwriter (Bryce) was always a pleasure to have in chat when he could come in.

    I’ll definitely add my support for the dedication in the 2015 anthology.

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    I’m so sorry to hear this. He was a good guy.

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    Very sad. :( my condolences, Ashe.

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    My condolences, Ashe.

    BJ Steeves
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    Such sad news to hear…My condolences.


    BJ Steeves
    Computer Wizard at Large

    Member of Forward Motion since the original site had only 300 members. (That is a while ago!!!)

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    My sympathies are sent your way, Ashe. I also think the anthology dedication would be right on target.

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    My condolences to everyone that knew him. His responses in the 2YN class were always helpful and ecouraging. Hugs to all.

    David Bridger
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    This is sad news. I’m sorry you’ve lost your friend, Ashe, and all who knew him in chat here on FM.

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    I want to agree with what everyone else as said and offer you my support Ashe.

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