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      As I write this, it is unclear just how badly he has been hurt. (Yes, it’s obviously serious, but I have no idea what his chances of surviving the injury may be.)

      The idea ANY author could be attacked in an attempt to murder them for their opinions is deeply shocking to me. I’m not outraged by Salman Rushdie’s work, but that isn’t the point. As long as they stick to books as opposed to actions, I don’t believe any author should be in physical danger because they expressed an opinion. Even one which I might deeply oppose. I’m not saying I might not argue, write a rebuttal, or the like.

      If Hitler had stopped with writing Mein Kampf, I’d still find it a deeply repugnant book, but I’d be shocked at the idea anyone might stab him over it.

      I don’t really know what to say. When the libraries were closed because of the pandemic, it was deeply unsettling to me – but I also understood why such a drastic action was necessary. This is madness. Utter and complete madness. Perhaps my reaction is, in part, because I’ve had a very rough summer, but I have no idea how to cope with this news.

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        I was shocked, too. And even more shocked when I learned it happened in the US. The last few years have been rough in many ways, but murder because of a novel should be unthinkable.

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          It’s utter madness. I’m not a particular fan of Salman Rushdie, but I’m a fan of being alive and I’m glad he survived to hopefully write some more. If we all killed those we disagreed with, there’d be nobody left to read our stories!

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