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    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Archivos is what its designers are calling a story development tool. I’ve been using the beta version since just before November, when they opened up a free Storyteller membership to Nano participants. I think I or someone else even posted about it at the time.

    The Archivos people are about to perform a major update on April 3rd of this year–this coming Tuesday. They’re going to change a bunch of things, and they’re offering a special. If you sign up for a beta account (at $5.00 US/mo) before Tuesday the 3rd, your account will be upgraded to a Professional Account for free when Archivos goes live to the public on April 27th. They’ll be charging $8.00 US/mo for a Professional Account after April 27th.

    Hit the link to check it out before purchasing, as it’s not for everyone.


    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Thanks for the link.
    $60 per year every year now vs. $96 per year every year once developed. Seems expensive to me. :-)

    I have XMind for character relationships, but can use a spreadsheet
    I have Dramatica Pro (story development tool) for char development and plotting then transfer scene sentences to a spreadsheet
    I do timeline in an Excel Spreadsheet
    And I create my own maps by hand, or use a mapping creating program (free).
    So I will give it a miss. :-)

    Wandering Author
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    For anyone who chooses to keep your work “in the cloud”, it is your work and your decision. But I do not like using online services. First, the pricing model is designed to give them a fat income stream, not save me money. And once you’re locked in to using such a tool, it becoomes another essential expense.

    But my real problem with such services is far more basic. If you designed a writing tool ten times better than anything I have ever used (unlikely, but let’s assume it for a moment) and offered to let me lock in a lifetime rate of one cent a year, I’d pass. Why? Because all my work would be trapped “in the cloud”. That would require me to trust that your precautions are enough to preserve my work. If I didn’t have other options on hand, I’d run into a burning building to grab my copies of that work. You, mostly interested in making a profit, are not that invested in keeping it safe.

    This is not a vague concern. As a professional genealogist, I saw a white paper which listed what was know about various online services at that time. NONE of them was even half as safe as the precautions I take myself to keep a copy of my work intact under most conditions. (The outbreak of nuclear war or the total collapse of society might be a problem.)

    If you feel that strongly about your work, do not trust any online platform. Even if they let you keep local backups, the hassle of recovering data is much greater than you think. They want you to depend on them; that’s what keeps you paying every month. So they have an active financial incentive to go against your best interests.

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    There’s something to be said for the backup offered by the cloud, but this is why online-only applications are a non-starter for me. That and the common use of an encrypted storage system. This is why I chose Scrivener when looking for something lighter weight than Word. It stores everything in common formats, so if the Scrivener file corrupts, I can recapture all of my work simply.

    It’s not something that many people think of when approaching this question.

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