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    Hey, y’all!

    I’m not really new. I was very active a long time ago, back when Holly ran the site. My username was cailin. I’ve stuck my head in only a few times since then. I was really sick all the time and the huge site and all the people overwhelmed me. I’m optimistic that a fresh start to the site will let me start fresh, too.

    In October of 2012 the doctors finally figured out why I was exhausted, in pain, dizzy, and weepy all the time. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There’s nothing they can really do about it, but knowing what’s going on makes it less scary and at least somewhat easier to deal with.

    Being chronically ill holds me back a lot, but I refuse to let it stop me. I keep my goals small and manageable as best I can. I avoid the big writing challenges but keep plugging away regardless. (Remind me I said this in November!) I try very hard not to compare myself to other people who are doing so much more in one week than I can in a year.

    I returned because I missed having a supportive writing community. No other site compares to FM.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    I think I remember you. I was Storymaker way back when Holly ran the site, may have changed my name to A_Shelton or AShelton. Anyway, “Cailin” looks familiar, and I seem to remember reading posts by you.

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    Magic Seeker
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    Hi chronicwriter! Welcome back to FM!

    The new site is much easier to use. I hope it helps inspire you. Working around chronic misery is never easy, but you sound like you’ve figured out how to manage it.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. And please do join in on the conversations!

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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    J.A. Marlow
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    Welcome oldie but newbie! It’s great that you found your way back here. Sounds like you’ve had a rough few years. As someone who is hammered by fatigue sometimes myself, I feel for you. It’s horrible to want to do things but not have the energy to do anything other than stare at the wall.

    I hope you find the new site more friendly and join in with us. If you feel up to it, come visit us in chat sometime!

    J.A. Marlow
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    I’m really sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I hope they have helped you with a treatment plan. Take it slow.

    Sometimes real life makes it hard to write or create any form of art. That’s when we learn how to overcome and move on in the direction we feel we need to be in. It’s a day to day situation. Good luck and I hope you check out the chat rooms as well. Great supportive folks hang out there. If you have any questions about the new site, please ask.


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