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      This is the thread to discuss the upcoming 2013 workshops and classes. This includes suggestions on future workshop subjects. The current Workshop schedule can be found here.

      If you are interested in giving a writing-oriented workshop or class here at Forward Motion, please post here or contact us privately. All workshops and classes will need to be approved by Zette and will be facilitated by a volunteer Moderator who will set up all the needed boards and threads for each workshop/class. Each workshop/class is composed of three parts: the lesson, an overview of the goals of that particular lesson, and the exercises for the students.

      General Guidelines:

      • Once a workshop/class is approved it must be completed (a minimum of 1000 words for each lesson) before going live. This is for the benefit of the instructor as well as the students.

      • We will provide a template to help you plan out your workshop/class.

      • Be honest with yourself about if you will have the time to spend on the forums answering questions and interacting with the students. If needed, consider a co-teacher or “teacher’s assistant” to help you out.

      • Determine the specific aspect of a topic the workshop/class will explore, and the learning goal. What would the actual exercises be?

      • We will do our best to accommodate you on your preferred month, but we cannot guarantee a placement as some workshops are tied into other FM activities.

      Here are the type of classes and workshops we would love to see:

      Full Workshops – Full one-month class with 4 weekly posts. Typically includes a student assignment and interaction between instructor and students. This type of class requires more time and effort from the teacher. Can expand to 6 weeks for larger subjects with approval.

      Mini-Class – 2-3 posts with interaction, and possible student assignments, spread out over a week or two.

      Seminar – A one-time posting with questions and answers open for a specific period of time before it is locked down to further discussion. Ideal for small topics.

      And remember we have the “Back to School for Writers” classes every September for real-world subjects! New teachers welcome!

      J.A. Marlow
      The String Weavers, Salmon Run, Redpoint One series.

      Writer alter-ego of Dreamers Cove

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