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2) Alien Winter by J.A. Marlow, Contemporary Science Fiction

In this book, J.A. Marlow weaves another compelling tale describing the adventures of Zach and Hawk Callahan, newcomers to Salmon Run hoping to be able to prepare and run their “crazy” uncle’s old vacation lodge in Alaska. Between cleaning the lodge and the intermittent, unexplainable power outages, they’re kept busy while Zach tends to school and accompanying his best friend Sasha to some new locations about the town.

And the aliens are having their own difficulties. They’ve been saddled with Major Dreel, who has no understanding of the research Yenni and Nanuk are performing. He tends to step in and make things worse when things would go perfectly fine if he just kept still. Even though he does prove a bit useful after a while, he is still more trouble than he’s worth.

Zach and Sasha’s encounters with Yenni, Nanuk, and Major Dreel only complicate matters for the two teens. And then Zach’s felt someone watching them, and it’s NOT the aliens. Sasha insists it’s the Little People, but he’s not so sure.

Author J.A. Marlow’s continuation of the Salmon Run series is a great follow-up to the initial book. Unlike the second books of other series, it doesn’t suffer from not being as good. It moves along at a steady pace, not leaving moments for the prose to lag. As in the first book, the chapters are short, but that makes it a faster read for an adult reader, and just-right for younger readers, for whom it’s aimed. Marlow writes the kind of feel-good science fiction that leaves the reader wanting more, and I definitely want more!


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