Forward Motion Discord Server – Let’s Chat!

Computer ChattingThe Forward Motion Discord Server has officially taken over as the live chat space for our merry band of writers! For those who would like to join the fun, the invite link is:

If you prefer, you can use the interface under the chat tab here at FM once you have a Discord account. Or you can use any of Discord’s many options for chatting.

More site news to come!

Live Chat Software Change

Thought Question Text Speech Talk  - Clker-Free-Vector-Images / PixabayThe chat software we’d been using was overall nice. However, I kept getting complaints from some FMers that were having trouble with it. Either not connecting on whatever device they were using, not formatting correctly, or other small problems. So, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a good alternative. Which was surprisingly difficult.

One suggested alternative mentioned several times was Discord. It’s a good chat platform, and I’m a part of several servers myself. However, I wanted the ability for FMers to be able to access chat here on the website. Discord didn’t have a way to integrate with websites.

But that’s now starting to change.

I found a service that enables a Discord server to be embedded in a website. You can now see it on our Chat page here at FM!

Once you are logged into Discord (unfortunately this is not tied into the user database here) how you want to go into chat depends on you. You can hat using the embedded Discord window here on this site on our own live chat page ( Or you can use any of Discord’s apps to chat via your desktop, laptop, cell phones, pads, and so on.

Your choice!

This upgrade was also announced in the forum where you can make comments if you wish.

New Site is Live!

The new site for Forward Motion is now live! The old site still exists, with the link to it in the sidebar. Please post new posts in the new forum, as no further posts from the old forum will be ported over.

As the note says in the sidebar, all user accounts were successfully ported over. However, passwords were encrypted, so they could not. Please use the “Recover Password” option to reset your password. At that point, you should be good to go. Don’t forget to fill in your profile area!

I think I got all the Moderator roles and permissions set up, but if not, please let me know!

Some boards have been reorganized, moved to other areas, and so forth. The “Motivation” area has been left alone (so, please don’t scream in alarm!).

You will notice that there are several boards that are no longer live. They have not been deleted, but instead archived. Some haven’t been used in a while, others need permissions worked on, with others now combined with new live boards. We can always bring them out of retirement, recreate, or create new ones if needed. If you have any suggestions, please post to the “Suggestions and Troubleshooting” or “The Main Board” boards.