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No personal information about you is collected on the general site -- that is, Home, Author, Writers, and Readers sections. The anonymous information that I gather is as follows:

Shops uses third-party vendors that, if you purchase, require their own information, but HollyLisle.com is not privy to that information.

The Community offers the following:

If you become a member of the Community, you must give a valid e-mail address, which once validated will permit you to post on protected, and restricted forums. You must enable cookies on your browser -- the software will check for the presence of your member cookie to permit you to post and visit protected and restricted boards.

To gain access to private forums, which includes the Young Writers' Scene (membership seventeen and under only), and staff forums (Moderators' Board, Editors' Board, and so on) you'll have to give specific information about yourself as required in the application. In some cases, you'll have to have been a member of the community for a while and have a positive user rating and a certain number of posts. Some private forums are invitation only.

The e-mail addresses that you give are never used by anyone at Fmwriters.com  for any purpose other than to send you the services you requested, whether they be e-mailed newsletters or the required updates and bulletins you must receive to remain a member of one of the communities. I do not sell, rent, trade or give away my lists, nor do I use them for secondary purposes.

Please note that on public boards, e-mail addresses that you give when posting can be collected by spammers. You are not required to leave an e-mail address to post (at least for the time being and as long as everyone follows the posting rules) and if you do leave one, I would recommend an anonymous one that you can drop if spammers become bothersome.

Chat and Conference Rooms on the site are served by the Forward Motion Community's private chat server. You must give a valid e-mail address to create a login for yourself. That e-mail address sends you a clearance number. You will then be able to use chat. No information that you supply (name, e-mail address, or bio-data in the optional public chat room Profile) is rented, sold, or given to anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

Please note that because we had a problem with an anonymous chatter acting in a severely inappropriate manner toward under-aged members a couple of years ago, we no longer permit anonymous chatters. Further, all chats on the server are logged. The logs are accessible by two people -- the Site Host, Holly Lisle, and the Site Administrator, Lazette Gifford. We can read the logs, but only do so when there is a question or accusation of  questionable behavior. In cases where log searches are necessary, they will not be random. Searches are key-worded to member name.

In cases where criminal or abusive behavior against one of our members exists, we will follow up as appropriate to the situation. For false or spurious claims against a member, we'll revoke the membership of the accuser.

If you do have a problem in chat, select the text that is either abusive or criminal in the chat room by dragging your cursor over it, and use your browser to save the window contents to a text file. Clicking the cursor in the chat window (the part that has the conversation) and pressing CTRL-A to select text and CTRL-C to copy usually works, too. Email it to me.

And that's privacy at Fmwriters.com.

For minors, especially children under the age of thirteen, special rules apply. Please read the additional information for Children and Their Parents if you are a minor or the parent of a minor who will be using this site.



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