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Minors Policy: Information for Children and Their Parents

This site does not and WILL not censor language. Members of the community are required to post language ratings on posts that may be unsuitable for minors (PG-13 for language, R for language) but this is a writing site and words -- including words considered profane by some people -- are a writer's tools. From a writer's perspective there are no bad words.

As a parent, if you find some words objectionable and do not trust your child to respect your wish that he or she avoid language-rated posts, we ask that you use a site blocker to block this site from his access.

We do not systematically collect personal information on anyone who uses this site. This includes, but is not limited to, collecting information for rent, sale, or trade, to use for advertising, or for any other purpose.

However, we do require a valid e-mail address from anyone joining the community. We keep logs of IP addresses, as well, and can connect these IP addresses to member accounts and backtrack them to individual users accounts in cases where members become abusive. We aggressively protect underage members from predators, and will assist in the prosecution of anyone found to be preying on our members -- including turning over all records on suspect members if requested by law enforcement authorities -- but we cannot be everywhere all the time. As always, parental involvement in your child's Internet activities remains your biggest assurance that your child remains safe.

We offer a writers' newsletter, a community mailing list, and e-mail discussion groups within the community. The addresses of all members are hidden from access where possible, and are munged so that they cannot be mechanically collected where hiding them is impossible. These lists of names are never offered for rent, sale or trade under any circumstances. We do not sell advertising for any of these lists. However, if your are thirteen years old or younger, please obtain your parent's permission before signing up. If you are a minor above the age of thirteen, it's still a good idea to let your parents know that you receive any of these mailings.

This site offers an unmoderated chat room -- though there are usually moderators in chat, we are an all-volunteer site, and cannot guarantee that a moderator will be present at all times. If you are a child under the age of sixteen, please obtain your parents' permission before using chat. In regards to the chat room:

This site provides its own mailing list, chat rooms*, and other services -- no one else has access to our information. Further, the site does not permit pop-ups or other advertising beyond a Books-A-Million link on content pages and the advertising of member books designed into the pages. If you are getting other advertising, especially pop-ups, check your computer for spyware.

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