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Subject: "Welcome to Forward Motion" First topic | Next topic
Mesg #39 "Welcome to Forward Motion"
Author CatrinP     Click to send email to this author Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list
Author Info Member since Dec 05th 2005
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Date Tue Jan-17-12 04:21 AM



Tue Jan-17-12 04:20 PMby magic seeker

Come on in. Relax. Wander around and get to know the place. We're a friendly, helpful bunch of writers, all aiming to improve our writing. There is a lot to see and do within the forums, though recently we had a big clean up.

First we'll get the important stuff out of the way.

Site Rules:

First, please read the Forward Motion Terms of Service. There is also a link at the top of the page. This isn't just legalese, this is how Forward Motion operates.

Forward Motion has been around for a long time and its success, and the success of the writers who come here to learn, is due to these rules. We have very strict rules about certain subjects, and it's best to know what is expected. Be aware of the rules and keep FM as the friendly, helpful and encouraging place for writers that it has always been.

Board Rules:

This board is for newcomers to Forward Motion to find out a bit more about the site, and to introduce themselves. With that in mind we ask that you follow these rules on this board.

  • Do introduce yourself. It isn't a requirement but it's the first step to becoming a full fledged family member. Many of us have been around Forward Motion since it's inception in 2002, but we love to met new people.

  • Be respectful of the choices members have made in using skills and techniques. Remember that since not all topics or techniques will appeal to everyone, be prepared to agree to disagree.

  • No flaming. No personal attacks. Forward Motion is a friendly place. Help us to keep it that way.

The Moderators:

The moderators are listed at the top, but the following are the ones who are looking after this specific board. Most of them will post a reply to this to introduce themselves. None of them are frightening. They will welcome you and answer any questions you post in this board.

  • Magic Seeker
  • CatrinP
  • Dreamercove
  • Maripat

If you need help or have any further questions on anything about this board, or the site in general, please feel free to email or PM any of the Moderators of this board by clicking on a Moderator's name and sending an email or private message.

Now we've dealt with the important stuff, let's talk about Forward Motion's boards.

The Boards:

We have seven (7) main boards. The best way to get to know the site is to spend some time dropping into boards and getting a feel for them. Find a board or two that interests you, and get comfortable there. Once you're used to how the site works, it's easier to spread out to other sections. Another alternative is to Jump into Chat and talk to the friendly writer folk in there.

The main boards are:

  1. About Forward Motion
  2. Welcome
  3. Motivation
  4. Skills and Techniques
  5. Genre Discussions
  6. The Craft of Writing
  7. Writing As A Business

Forward Motion is aimed at helping people to reach professional quality material and sales, which means there is one thing we do not deal with here at the site: fanfiction. If your goals include fan fiction, you will find your writing is still helped by being here, but you will not find direct support for this form of writing. All other forms of writing and both Traditional and Indie publishing are supported

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to learning to write better, and to that end you'll find some things that may help you and others that won't. Don't be afraid to ask if there's something specific you are trying to learn or need help with. It might be somewhere on the boards, or it might be something we are willing to discuss.

If you have trouble with the boards, you can always come back to this board (Newcomers) and ask questions, or go to the main community board (listed below) and request help. You can also contact any of the moderators.

There are four types of boards on the site:

    Public -- Open to everyone to read and post

    You must be a member and logged in to post on anything but the public boards, and you will not even see anything in the restricted or private boards if you are not logged in.

    Protected -- Can be read by everyone, but only members can post

    Restricted -- Only members can read and post

    Private -- Only selected members can read and post

Private boards are 'invitation only' by the people who are in charge of that section. All of the crit boards are private with the exception of Roving Crits. Roving Crits is a Restricted board.

Useful boards and other places:

These are some boards you might like to try first up.

  • Main Community Discussion Board

    This board is where we often post general questions and interesting links, as well as general site information. It's a good place to get to know the site members, and to ask questions if you are confused, lost, or uncertain. Keep an eye on this board, because it will also list changes or classes.

  • Critique Connection

    Are you looking for a critique group to join? Would you like to start a critique group of your own? This board can put you in contact with others who share your genre and interests. Be sure to read the posts explaining how the board works.

  • Roving Crits

    If you are not looking for a full-time critique circle, then the Roving Crit Board might be more to your liking. You can post short stories, chapters to novels, and other short portions of a work. All registered members are able to see and post to the Roving Crits board. Please read the board's instructions.

  • Weekly &Daily Goals

    Some writers do better with specific goals. Having daily and weekly goals may help you get through the story. Check this board out and see how people use it to encourage themselves to write. We also have Annual and Monthly Goals if that is more your style.

  • Challenges

    Need that little extra push? Check out the list of challenges. This is another very popular section, and there are challenges going on every weekend!

  • Techniques

    Confused about a writing technique? Got a question you can't find an answer to on the net? The techniques board is where you can ask questions about writing skills and techniques. Or get involved in a discussion about the various techniques. Take a wander around or look at the Index at the top of the page and you might find someone has already answered your query. If not jump is and ask; one of our many members will answer you.

  • Vision: A Resource for Writers

    Vision: A Resource for Writers is an online magazine with articles of interest to writers of fiction and non-fiction. It is published quarterly and starting its 11th year of publications. Whilst Vision and Forward Motion are both owned by Lazette Gifford, they are two separate entities. That said, you will find a lot of members of Forward Motion contribute to Vision.

  • Header

    Look at the top of the page and you'll see a header which lists current activities and links to several of the more popular boards. You'll also find a link to the User Menu, which is where you set up your personal preferences for the site and where you can pick up any private messages sent to you. Also up there you will find two search fields -- one specifically for the boards and one that includes things like the Vision back issues.

  • Chat and Think Tanks

    Forward Motion has a very active chat. You don't have to register for it, simply click on the link in the header Chat Rooms. This will replace the boards with the chat rooms. Or if you right click the link you can open up in a different window and have both the boards and Chat open.

    We have several chat rooms, and they're open at all times. Chat is governed by the same Rules as the site so before you go in for the first time read up on them again. As well as the link to the chat room, you will find a link to show who is in chat in the header.

    The Think Tanks take place in Chat twice a week. They are gatherings to help brainstorm story ideas. If you need a little outside help to get past a stuck spot, the people in these chats can be excellent help. For more information, check out this post.

    These are just a few of the many sections at Forward Motion that you may find helpful. There more sections to explore. Once you get used to wandering around, you'll bound to find something that helps you improve your writing.

    So jump in and have fun!


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