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Posted by rcmann, Sun Feb-05-12 07:26 PM
Brand new here. I'm slow at joining things, so please bear with me. I spent years doing tech writing and I have a lot of un-learning to do. This looked like a good place to un-learn.
50, RE: new member
Posted by magic seeker, Sun Feb-05-12 07:36 PM
Hi rcmann! :wave: Welcome to FM!

This is a great place to learn new skills. I suspect you'll find your tech writing is a great foundation to expand from. (Dang, ooooold English major here; I still want to write: "from which to expand," and NOBODY talks like that anymore.)

If you have any questions, about writing or this site, please feel free to ask.
51, RE: new member
Posted by KatsInCommand, Sun Feb-05-12 09:06 PM
Welcome! Take your time, and ask questions.

You may have noticed we're renovating at the moment... so things may move around a bit.
52, Welcome
Posted by CatrinP, Mon Feb-06-12 12:03 AM
Take your time, no one will put a stop watch on you.

As for the tech writing, Don't let that worry you. I have a number of decades in tech writing and am still in that industy, didn't discover fiction writing till a few years back. Yes, there were things to unlearn, but not that many. I found my tech writing skills very helpful in writing fiction, not just in the grammar/technical areas but also with respect to description and conveying information.

And I've also found my tech writing has improved as I increase my fiction writing skllls.

So don't go unlearning too much.