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46, New Member
Posted by DJK, Wed Feb-01-12 01:39 AM

I am a new member of the board who is a fantasy(epic fantasy mainly) freak. I recently started writing short stories over at www.fantasy-faction.com(monthly writing contest) and was told that this is the place where I can find additional writing help.

I am not a great writer at all, although I have read many books recently on writing. I am just a normal guy who is looking to improve his writing so that I can hopefully write a story that people will enjoy. I look forward to learning from the community of people here.


47, Hello there
Posted by maripat, Wed Feb-01-12 10:09 AM
I'm glad you found your way here. Please excuse the chaos as we re-organize the boards. The site should be easier to navigate after the moves are done.

Have a look around and if you can't find something please ask. Also, be sure to register and check out chat as well. You'll find tons of helpful people there.

48, Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Wed Feb-01-12 05:27 PM
Hi DJK! :wave: Welcome to FM!

There are a lot of fantasy writers here, so you're in good company. I hope we can help you meet your goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.