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306, RE: Returning newbie!
Posted by Dreamerscove, Sun Sep-09-12 12:14 PM
Welcome back to our little writer-home on the internet! It sounds like you've been really busy with life.

The publishing world has certainly changed in the last few years, which is why you'll now see a forum for both Traditional Publishing and Indie Publishing here on the website. It makes sense. This site is all about creating a career with your writing, and it doesn't matter the way.

The workshops start up again in 2013, and that includes the 2 Year Novel course! Zette is preparing to launch it again in January after taking a couple years off and updating the course (the course is now out in ebook). I'm excited to go through it again! The listing of workshops can be found here in the Announcement board. The list will be updated as we sign on more teachers, so keep an eye on it!

Settle back in and join in the fun!