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35, RE: Thank you.
Posted by Bethfb, Tue Jan-17-12 09:59 PM
I was always told that I was too wordy and I left scenes out that should be there in the story and that the characters should be more defined and such.

My Muses usually runs off at the worst moment possible, as she ran off at the third week of NaNoWriMo 2011, but thankfully, I had enough word count to have past the 50k mark.

And I love to talk to other writers to get inspired and to inspire them if at all possible.

I am really interested in getting my stories published. I have had bad luck in getting a con artist of an agent who ran off with my money and gave me nothing in return but false hopes and dashed my dreams. My entire family got conned by him but this happened in 1996 and I should have done an internet search on him to find out if he was real till after he had ran off with my money and some of my father's money and took a year away from my own search for a good agent and I learned that he was not a real one but a scammer who preyed on new writers.