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Topic subject*waves* Hi everyone. I'm new.
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29, *waves* Hi everyone. I'm new.
Posted by Bethfb, Tue Jan-17-12 10:56 AM
New to this forum, but not to writing. My name is Beth and I've been writing both fanfiction and original stories since May of 1985. I have done five years of NaNoWriMo with three years of them being victories for me, last year I managed to get over 61k within ten days with three stories combined.

I found this site from Literary Rambles, a young woman by the name of Maria Zannini, posted a comment in their latest blog about Beta Readers and I followed her here. I liked what I saw in the message on the front page and joined. :)

I tend to write in my fanfiction stories about real life happenings to fictional characters from books and movies. But for my original stories, I tend to go for a romance twist on things, especially with vampires, none of this sparkling in sunlight stuff, but we get to see the politics behind attacks on women or men in my manuscript The Storyteller's tale. And a twist with the myth of Medusa, we get to see her side of things before her death at the hands of Perseus.

I am thrilled to be here and I hope I can meet new writing friends and get help when Ms. Writer's Block decides to chase my Muse away or just to talk about writing in general.

Beth F Brownell