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Topic subjectHello, Jack
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285, Hello, Jack
Posted by maripat, Sun Aug-26-12 03:17 PM
Welcome to Forward Motion. I'm glad to hear you found your way here. I do understand your need to read up and learn about writing, but the best way is to write. You'd be surprised what you learn from writing a full novel, revising it, getting it critiqued and yes, even critiquing others, learning the dreaded synopsis/query letter. They all sharpen your skills.

NaNo--I've done it once. I always cheer my friends on when they do decide to sign up for it. Some folks love it, others detest it. I would say try it sometime, but always remember just because you don't hit that 50K mark doesn't mean you failed. In the end, you'll have more words than you started.

Holly Lisle has some great How-To articles on her site that might interest you:


Anyway, have a look around Forward Motion and our chat rooms. If you have any questions, please ask.