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Topic subjectRE: Hi from a writing Newbie
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281, RE: Hi from a writing Newbie
Posted by CatrinP, Sun Aug-26-12 05:00 AM
Welcome Jack,

Nano certainly is a big step, but still achievable no matter how long you have been writing. I started writing fiction in June one year and decided to give Nano ago the same year - Oct 30th actually. I had a one sentence idea and no world building or anything. I completed 53K in that month.

Crazy, enjoyable, stupid, mind blowing and definately lack of sleep. The story telling was bad, but I still like the actually story. One day I'll go back and rewrite.

Look around the forums, we're kind of big, although since our drastic spring clean recently, a few forums look empty. If you can't find what you want just ask.

Or join us in Chat.