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Posted by 1351, Wed Aug-22-12 11:30 AM
>You might want to think about trying
>NaNoWriMo -- it can be grueling, since
>you try to complete a 50k novel during the
>month of November, but it's one way to
>give a serious go at finishing a project.
>It's harder to procrastinate with a 1667
>words per day deadline. :wink:


I've contemplated NoNoWriMo before, but I'll be back at work by November and it's pretty much the worst possible month for us, as we have to put together two months' issues in about five weeks before Xmas, which means I'm already writing 3,000 words of copy and getting home at 10pm most days at that time of year.

While I'm off, I'm trying to apply the same sort of discipline to writing and editing my fiction on my own schedule, though.