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Topic subjectReturning member, but might as well be new
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251, Returning member, but might as well be new
Posted by Laevus, Mon Aug-13-12 07:22 AM
Greetings all!

I was a regular here for a few months back in 2010, but for various personal reasons my writing and ideas slowed to a stop.

Now I've got a job, I've had time to focus on what I want to do in life and I've decided to really put the effort into writing.

It's going to be hard for me, that I know, as I'm not an extrovert person and I'm worried about how I'll take criticism and whether it will affect my motivation. However, I have many ideas, and several of them I feel are strong and worth the struggle to write about. It's these ideas that are driving me to write rather than the tiny sliver of hope attached to international fame and 7-figure-bank-balance success.

I remembered the friendly and helpful atmosphere here, and now I've set myself up ready to write with every chance I get, I'm going to try my best to become a more regular member. I'm hoping that being around other writer's will be able to motivate and inspire me, and I look forward to using my (currently) meagre writing knowledge and over active imagination to help others when I can.

Now to try and find my way round again and see what's going on!


Edit - While looking through the site and reminding myself of the TOS etc. I have a quick question. I saw this in the 'Tips for Newcomers' post:
"A word of warning. Don't post your work on the public boards. Forward Motion is dedicated to helping writers reach publication, and your public posts count as *published* meaning that you can't later sell those words to a publisher except as a reprint."

I have recently set my own website up for posting some of my work for public critique and to share some of my ideas, extracts of chapters or full short stories. Is there a really bad downside to it counting as published on a public site and then only being able to use it in future as a reprint? Is there a limit of words/percent of content that make something count as published?
252, Welcome back!
Posted by magic seeker, Mon Aug-13-12 09:50 AM
Hi Laevus! :wave: Welcome back!

This is one the the friendliest writing sites I've found, so I think you'll be happy here. Try to remember that no matter what a crit might say, we REALLY want to help you make your writing stronger.

I'm not certain, but I think that anything out on the public web counts as published -- for that portion of the work. I suggest you repost your question out on the Main Discussion Board -

You'll get more views and many more answers than you'll get here.
254, RE: Returning member, but might as well be new
Posted by Dreamerscove, Mon Aug-13-12 03:54 PM
Welcome back to FM! Glad to hear you are getting back to writing and rejoining us.

I agree with Magic. Posting on your question on the main discussion board will get at lot more answers than they are here.

One thing that will decide some of your dilemma is what are you wanting out off your writing? What is your ultimate goal? Hobbiest, writing for yourself, published with big publishers and/or magazines, going Indie?If you can tell us that, it will help us know how to answer your question.
256, RE: Returning member, but might as well be new
Posted by Laevus, Mon Aug-13-12 04:34 PM
Thanks for the replies. I've posted the question in the main discussion area now with some extra information.