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223, Hello
Posted by sianablackwood, Mon Jul-09-12 10:59 AM
Now that I've used 'hello' as the subject, does that mean I'm repeating myself if I say hello here as well?

Anyway, hello. I'm Siana Blackwood, or at least, that's what I call myself online. I'm a metal chick, a goat dairy farmer and I'm probably on my way to becoming a mad cat lady. I managed to turn 30 this year without any particular fanfare.

The things I write usually fall somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy and I have fourteen dodgy first drafts sitting on my hard drive (and backed up in various locations ;)). So far I haven't figured out how one goes from "dodgy first draft" to "wow, this looks like a manuscript I'd actually let people read".

My posts may be edited by a tabby kitten.