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Topic subjectDéjà vu!
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205, Déjà vu!
Posted by worthywoman, Fri Jun-01-12 08:09 PM

I'm looking around after an absence of about 2 1/2 years…
Does that mean that I'm new here?

Lisa S – worthywoman
206, RE: Déjà vu!
Posted by Erin_M_H, Fri Jun-01-12 08:13 PM
No, Lisa, you're not new, although you'll find the site's changed quite a bit.

Welcome back!

-- Erin
207, Welcome back!
Posted by magic seeker, Sat Jun-02-12 12:31 AM
Hi Lisa! Welcome back!

Everything changed recently, so if you have any questions, please ask. :smiley:
210, RE: Welcome back!
Posted by worthywoman, Sat Jun-02-12 11:17 AM
I think it may benefit me to pretend I'm new here. Yes, the people we have long cared about are still here. Yes, many of the same areas are still here…

I am a little bit different than I was then, at least, it seems so to me. Emphasizing the basics of writing well is never a mistake. There's just so much I need and want to do…

Lisa S – Beginning Again!
208, Welcome back!
Posted by maripat, Sat Jun-02-12 08:39 AM
Hey Lisa, glad to see you found your way back here. As Erin mentioned, we've moved around a lot of boards. If you can't find something, just ask.

211, RE: Welcome back!
Posted by worthywoman, Sat Jun-02-12 11:21 AM
:-) Thank you, all! :-)

I have so missed being here!

Lisa S – Beginning Again!
209, RE: Déjà vu!
Posted by worthywoman, Sat Jun-02-12 11:12 AM
Hello, Erin!

:-) I would hope that this wonderful site keeps growing and changing! With all the wonderfully creative people here, how could it be otherwise.

In six weeks, I will be done with my class work. August 12, I hope to be "Commissioned." I just couldn't wait to get back here so I can get back to writing.

Lisa S – Beginning Again!
217, RE: Déjà vu!
Posted by jschara, Thu Jun-28-12 11:19 AM
Welcome back, Lisa.
218, RE: Déjà vu!
Posted by worthywoman, Thu Jun-28-12 02:35 PM
Thanks, Jean!

How are things in your universe?

Lisa S – Beginning Again!