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Topic subjectSpecial Message for members under 18
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2, Special Message for members under 18
Posted by CatrinP, Tue Jan-17-12 04:21 AM
Welcome to Forward Motion. You'll find us all friendly here, helping any writer willing to come in and share their writing journey with us, no matter age or experience. But we do ask a extra few things of those who are under 18.

First and most importantly

Site Rules:

First, please read the Forward Motion Terms of Service. There is also a link at the top of the page. This isn't just legalese, this is how Forward Motion operates.

Forward Motion has been around for a long time and its success, and the success of the writers who come here to learn, is due to these rules. We have very strict rules about certain subjects, and it's best to know what is expected. Be aware of the rules and keep FM as the friendly, helpful and encouraging place for writers that it has always been.

Please ensure that your parents have also read the site rules.

The Moderators:

The moderators are listed at the top, but the following are the ones who are looking after this specific board. Most of them will post a reply to this to introduce themselves. None of them are frightening and they have plenty of topics to share with you.

  • Magic Seeker
  • CatrinP
  • Dreamercove
  • Maripat

If you need help or have any questions on anything about this board, or the site in general, please feel free to email or PM any of the Moderators of this board by clicking on a Moderator's name and sending an email or private message.

Of course any serious issues or questions can be directed to the site's owner and administrator (Lazette Gifford) at this address admin@fmwriters.com

Now for the details

  • If you're under 18:

    • Please, don't use your real name as your user name. If you have already done this then contact the administrator at this address admin@fmwriters.com. Lazette will get it changed for you.

    • Pleases, don't publicly reference your age. That means do not give your age, nor be more specific than you are in school. This is for your protection and a requirement by US law (where this site is based).

  • If you're under 13:

    • You must hide your profile (penalty: deletion of your account. You will get one warning first.)

      To hide your profile go to Edit your Preference under the User Menu. You'll find "Hide your profile?" on the fifth spot down the list. Here's the link:


    • We also require an email from your parents or guardians letting us know that they are aware you are on this site. You can reach the administrator at this address zette@sff.net

  • Parents:

    • We do not censure posts on this site, but we do require our members to put and Adult Content warning in the header of their posts if there is objectionable material or foul language.

      Each board is monitored by a moderator or two and they will deal with any content that they feel is outside the site's rules, but this might not happen immediately, so be aware that whilst we endeavour to keep the site friendly and PG13 something do slip by for a time.

    • Please ensure that you and your child have read the Forward Motion Terms of Service.

    • If you child is under 13, we require an email from you letting us know that you are aware your child is accessing this site and that you and your child agree to the terms of services.

    We have these rules and requirements to allow younger writers to belong to a group where they can gain from the experiences of other writers. We believe in encouraging the improvement of all writers, no matter what age, experience, or background.

    Please follow these requirements for the under 18's so we can keep Forward Motion a place for all writers.

    Thank you!