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169, RE: New Here, and Nervous!
Posted by CatrinP, Sat Apr-14-12 01:14 AM
Welcome and congratulations - on finish first draft, on joining FM, on thinking about publication, but most of all on recognising that improvements are there to be made.

Roving Crits - http://www.fmwriters.com/community/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_topics&forum=38 - is our board you can post a chapter or so (max 5000 words) for comments, but as others have said you can learn a lot by critiquing others, seeing what could be improved in thier words, then looking for those same problems in your own.

I also found in explaining what I saw as an issue helped me solidify the concept and made it easier in working on that issues in my own words.

If you are unsure about commenting one other's works - a lot of writers are - then do what I term a 'readers' critique. It's more than just 'Oh I like this'. More than a disection of the plot, and characters. It's more what you felt, thought, expereinced as you read the story.

An example would be 'I got the impression that James was a bit scared of Helene when he met up with her, but the next day when they were training I thought he was angry at Helene.'

Another example; 'I got lost here during this action, I thought Helene had the sword, not James. And James had the wand.'

Such a crit can be very useful to a writer to find out what impressions we are giving the reader.

If you do find the courage, don't worry about being thick or thinned skined. We're all writers, we've all been through letting out our babies to the big bad world. We're here to help you improve so you can publish or be published.

We don't bite. Well, not too hard anyway *grin*