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Topic subjectNew Here, and Nervous!
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166, New Here, and Nervous!
Posted by emrism, Fri Apr-13-12 05:38 PM
Hi there! My name is Emily. I'm a mother of three little boys. As such, I get little time for writing, but i take what i can get. I've been an avid writer ever since i learned how, but I've only ever done it for school assignments or for my own enjoyment. Now, I'm actually close to finishing a novel-length story for the first time ever, and I'm a little overwhelmed. BTW, my genre is fantasy, mostly for younger audiences.

Like many writers (all writers?), i see my stories somewhat like movies played in my head. I started writing down my favorites merely for the sake of passing them down to my children, since they are a large part of who i am. But now that I'm near completion, I've actually started entertaining the idea of making the attempt at publication, which is what led me here.

I don't have a very thick skin for criticism, but i usually do okay if it's kind. ;) I also realize that the only way to gain a thicker skin is to allow myself to be criticized. That still doesn't make it any easier, though. lol! These stories are my babies, as i'm sure you can understand all too well.

Anyway, forgive me for blathering on. I like what i've seen of the site so far, and i'm hoping i can muster up the courage to actually post some of my own work!