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159, RE: Giving this another shot...
Posted by CatrinP, Tue Apr-10-12 07:55 AM
Welcome back, to both of you.

I think, though, you describe most writers - the lack of self-esteem and percieved faults plagues most of of at some point. Those are the low points. But then there are the highs when we see our work as brilliant, and it's everyone else's fault if they can't see that.

Somewhere in between is a decent writer who starts and complete projects to a reasonable level.

There is some truth in the story that publishers won't buy a story that has already been 'published', but then there are always exceptions to the 'rule'.

Accountability. FM has a few places you can achieve that. We have a number of boards under Motivation. Pick a place - Weekly Goals, Annual and Monthly Goals, Where are your Characters - and post your progress. Or use Snippets to post a bit you are particularly happy with,

Or use Roving Crits to recieve comments about your work. Roving isn't designed to crit a novel chapter by chapter, but it is a great starting place. The Critique Connection is another place you might find useful, though mostly they are for finished novels.

If you have a problem you need to talk over with someone we have the Genre Discussion boards. Or Techniques or World Building or Story Structure.

Or we have Chat.

So choose one to try out, if that doesn't suit your needs, try another place. You are bound to find somewhere comfortable.

Oh, and don't worry, we don't bite. Well, not too hard.