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Topic subjectHello everyone!
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154, Hello everyone!
Posted by MrGrey, Thu Apr-05-12 08:52 PM
I'm an amateur writer who left his writing muse for dead for years, until rediscovering it during NaNoWriMo 2011, where I managed to get a 50k word novel done in a month. Ever since then, I've been really engaged as a writer, making short stories and novels in my spare time and volunteering as a journalist on another website!

My favourite genre is Fantasy, but this stems from an overall love of the weird and wonderful. I write about modern times in short stories, but they always have something strange, unique or curious about them. I never like tying myself to normal tropes and clichés - in fact, one of my favourite writing styles is to lead the reader into a specific, predictable trope, then do a sudden 180 on the direction and leave the reader stunned. The norm bores me. :P

I've been looking for fellow writers to work with for a while, after terrorizing both my girlfriend and mother with draft after revision after redo. I am a big fan of cats, computers, chatting, and other fancy words that begin with C.

I hope to get acquainted with you all! :)