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Topic subjectHello everyone!
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154, Hello everyone!
Posted by MrGrey, Thu Apr-05-12 08:52 PM
I'm an amateur writer who left his writing muse for dead for years, until rediscovering it during NaNoWriMo 2011, where I managed to get a 50k word novel done in a month. Ever since then, I've been really engaged as a writer, making short stories and novels in my spare time and volunteering as a journalist on another website!

My favourite genre is Fantasy, but this stems from an overall love of the weird and wonderful. I write about modern times in short stories, but they always have something strange, unique or curious about them. I never like tying myself to normal tropes and clichés - in fact, one of my favourite writing styles is to lead the reader into a specific, predictable trope, then do a sudden 180 on the direction and leave the reader stunned. The norm bores me. :P

I've been looking for fellow writers to work with for a while, after terrorizing both my girlfriend and mother with draft after revision after redo. I am a big fan of cats, computers, chatting, and other fancy words that begin with C.

I hope to get acquainted with you all! :)
155, RE: Hello everyone!
Posted by CatrinP, Thu Apr-05-12 09:58 PM
Great to have another short story writer on board. And one who doesn't like the Norm.

If you want to terrorise other writers Chat - which you have found - and Roving are good places.

Roving is where you can post words for pmembers to comment on. And you can comment on theirs.

wander the forums and you'll find other places to join in.

If you have any other questions, ask away. Other than that, just write and join in.

156, Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Thu Apr-05-12 11:25 PM
Hello MrGrey! :wave: Welcome to FM!

Hurray for reviving your muse! I'm glad you found it, and us! And congrats on finishing NaNo - that's a great accomplishment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

157, RE: Hello everyone!
Posted by Dreamerscove, Fri Apr-06-12 10:17 PM
Ah,another Nano participant! You'll find a lot of us in these parts.

Sounds like you are working with a variety of lengths. I believe there will be a short story workshop before too long you might want to keep an eye out for. This is also a great place for other resources, including research. Just post a new thread! We love questions. :)

Welcome to FM!