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Topic subjectHi there!
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140, Hi there!
Posted by Amurit, Thu Mar-29-12 03:38 PM
So, today's my birthday, and I thought that I'd shake things up a bit and give up my loner ways. I've been writing on and off for years, but I've decided that this is the time for me to make a serious effort toward finishing my many WIP's with an eye for eventual publishing.

I'm hoping that a sense of community and the opportunity to give and receive constructive criticism will help me stay motivated. This community seems to be a wonderful place for that!

For my day job, I run a small chain bookstore in Georgia, and I often handle signings for the store. Just putting that out there, if anyone's interested. :)

Wandering off to explore the boards, now.
141, Happy birthday!
Posted by magic seeker, Thu Mar-29-12 10:35 PM
Hi Amurit! :wave: Welcome to FM, and Happy Birthday to you!

This is a wonderful community for motivation. You might want to look at the Challenges and the Goals boards. Plus have a look at Roving Crits. Critiques are both given and received with gratitude.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
142, RE: Happy birthday!
Posted by Amurit, Fri Mar-30-12 07:02 PM
Thank you!
143, RE: Hi there!
Posted by Dreamerscove, Fri Mar-30-12 11:23 PM
Finishing projects is a great goal for your personal new year. Hopefully this site will help you with your goal. Don't be afraid to comment on threads or starting your own threads with your own questions. We love questions!

Welcome to FM!