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Topic subjectBeen away for a long while.
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133, Been away for a long while.
Posted by Arike, Tue Mar-27-12 12:56 PM
So... I haven't visited FM in what must be almost two years and I figured I'd get back. I'm currently writing more actively again, as in, actually organising my projects instead of just responding to plot bunnies.

Way back when I started as a participant of the 2YN class, and dropped out both times, after eleven and six months respectively, I think. I did learn a humonguous amount from it, though. I also love the May challenge: writing short stories.

I guess you could say I'm a challenge type writer, I love the occasion, the support, the drama of a good writing challenge. Probably also because NaNoWriMo was how I got started.

I write in my second language, and luckily there's a bunch of us over here (that's Holland) doing that, which means I'm part of a fantastic writer group of people just like me, crazy and sort of internationally oriented and writing in different genres.

I currently have two WIPs, a novella I'm rewriting because the main character changed from insecure to confident over the course of five chapters, and a novel that's magical realism.

So... I hope to see more of y'guys and it's great to be back. I'm off to explore these forums again.
134, Welcome back!
Posted by magic seeker, Tue Mar-27-12 04:40 PM
Hi Arike! :wave: Welcome back to FM!

LOL on the plot bunnies. I've chased whole warrens of those myself.

We've made a lot of changes recently, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
139, RE: Been away for a long while.
Posted by Dreamerscove, Wed Mar-28-12 10:49 PM
Welcome back to the group. We still have plenty of challenges around here, like the March Madness challenge going on now, so hopefully that will keep you going.