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Topic subjectHello!
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128, Hello!
Posted by RosieW, Wed Mar-21-12 08:04 PM
Hi everyone!

My name's Rose, and I'm a young (in school) writer. I've loved reading since I was small, and decided to try my hand at writing a novel three NaNoWriMos ago. I had a great time and decided I wanted to do it some more. That's how I ended up here.

I'm a huge SciFi/Fantasy geek, though I'll read anything provided it's well done.

I'm excited to explore this site some more!
129, Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Wed Mar-21-12 10:02 PM
Hi Rose! :wave: Welcome to FM! We have lots of SF/F writers here, so you're in good company.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
130, Welcome, Rose!
Posted by maripat, Thu Mar-22-12 10:24 AM
I'm glad you found your way here. The site is pretty big, so I suggest you take it slow and learn your way around. Be sure to check out chat as well. There are some great discussions and people that hang out in chat.

Have a look around. If you can't find something or you have any questions, please ask.

131, RE: Hello!
Posted by Dreamerscove, Thu Mar-22-12 02:37 PM
Ah, another Nano person! There are quite a few of us here who participate each year, including me. I think it's wonderful fun.

There are also plenty of science fiction and fantasy writers here, so you are in good company. Check out the genre boards. They were just reset, so there's lots of room for new discussions. Join in, read, and start your own discussions. We love questions!

Welcome to FM!
132, RE: Hello!
Posted by CatrinP, Fri Mar-23-12 05:00 AM

As the others have said, take it slow and wander around, come visit chat, and ask any question you like. we have writers of all ages and experience in here and everyone has something to learn, and to share.