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Topic subjectSalutations, Friends of the Pen
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113, Salutations, Friends of the Pen
Posted by GVegt, Fri Mar-16-12 05:01 AM
I am G. van der Vegt, a Dutchperson who cannot imagine a life within writing does not happen.

My preferred genre is Speculative Fiction, with Thrillers and Mysteries being a close second. I do not usually enjoy reading or writing horror. I do seek to improve my writing skills so I might one day earn some spare change from what I consider to be the most entertaining activity in existence, which would explain why I have joined this community.

A close second activity is reading, and helping others is definitely in the top five, so I'll endeavor to provide some critiques of my own. I'm of the opinion that coddling people doesn't help, so expect my critiques to be honest. This might mean that I come over as mean or harsh, but so be it.

Thank you for reading, and please, bite as hard as needed to improve my writing skills.