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7, colorbird's credits
Posted by colorbird, Sun Jul-20-08 01:45 PM
My writing

For publication:

I have written seven full-length novels, two novellas, and over 100 short stories and articles. I have sold over five non-fiction articles (have to check on the exact number), and have had six fiction rejections.

Novels and Novellas:

Freedom (NaNo 2005) -- SF political thriller (version 0.5739521) 111k
Clan Twelve (FebNo 2006) -- SF mystery (editing) 95k
The Tachyon People (2006 2YN) -- near future SF (editing) 72k
The Vacation Game (JulNo 2006) -- YA SF (need to finish writing) 48k
Double Cross (2006 LOL week) -- erotic SF novella 31k (on hold)
Sick Dude Coming (NaNo 2006) -- serial killer thriller (first crit done, needs reworking) 64k
Test of Time (FebNo 2007) -- YA (teen/college level) Fantasy (first crit done, needs reworking) 56k
People of the Earth (JulNo 2007) -- Fantasy 65k (editing)
Esfera Valerosa -- SF (shopping to agents) 76k
Homa -- SF novella (first crit done) 41k
Secrets -- post-apocalyptic SF (in progress/on hold)
The Kashoran Incident -- SF thriller (in progress/on hold)
Diary of a Monster -- literary SF, sequel to Clan Twelve (in progress)

I also write short stories and microfiction.

Published (as in passed an editor that wasn't me :wink:):

Microfiction -- One Small Change at 55 Fiction

From 2000 - 2004 I wrote, coded and ran a patient education website (including two newsletters) which is now defunct; a sample through Wayback, for those interested. During the same time I was health editor for Full Circle Success, an online subscription business website which is also defunct.

I also have numerous patient education articles circulating the Internet, as well as a patient education brochure, "Talk to Doctors so They Will Listen!", which I sold online for several years.

For a while I wrote for eHow, until they were bought out by Demand Studios. I also have writing gigs on Fiverr from time to time.

I also blog:

We Can Always Dream (pretty much defunct)
Our Life With MPD/DID
Regarding Ishmael (about Daniel Quinn's writings)
The Search for Truth (genealogy blog)

I spend most of my time now on my websites, Edible Landscape Design and Everything Cobalt Blue!

Published (as in passed an editor that wasn't me :wink:):

One article in Vision: The Writers Guide to Medical Websites

Medical articles on the Full Circle Success business website (now defunct, link to the Wayback archived front page), prior to my becoming Health Editor for the site:

Dehydration in the Elderly
Outdoor Home Fire Safety
Skin Cancer Basics

Several articles have been submitted to various directories and sites over the years, here are a few:

The Joy of Exercise

Edible Landscaping: Is It Right For You?

Contributor to the Garden Centre UK blog

Not for publication:

I have written over 100 poems (mostly free verse and haiku). I have also written Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft fanfiction, which has appeared on various fan sites.

My writing style

Editing, Critiquing, and FM Groups

Founder and maintainer of the Novel Club (established Jan 2007):

Also member of the Manic Medley Crit Circle.


Other groups

Founder of Fifty Word Fiction, a microfiction writers' group on deviantART established July 2006.

Former member of Critters

FM Dares

-- Short stories -- New Material/Master Level: wrote 8 short stories over 1000 words in April/May 2006

FM Marathons, Challenges and Contests

-- 2006 Word Count Marathon

-- 2006 Labor of Love

-- Outline challenge: March, August and October 2006

-- 2006 Character Building marathon

-- 2006 Edit marathon

-- 2009 Edit Marathon


Winner, 2005 and 2006 NaNoWriMo
Winner, FebNo 2006 and 2007, JulNo 2007

FM Classes and Workshops

(click on picture to see thread -- works for class members only)

Teacher: Design a Non-human Character (repeat class in Jan. 2010)

Personal: I am married with three grown children and live in the Midwest US.
8, RE: colorbird's credits
Posted by ezimachia, Mon Jul-21-08 10:03 AM
That's a nice bit of history there, Patty! Thanks for sharing!
15, RE: colorbird's credits
Posted by colorbird, Wed Jul-23-08 10:21 AM
Thank you. :blush2:
85, RE: colorbird's credits
Posted by RavenCorbie, Sun Dec-21-08 01:37 PM
Wow! That's a pretty impressive list, there! Congratulations!
95, RE: colorbird's credits
Posted by colorbird, Wed Feb-04-09 07:39 AM
Thanks! (just saw this :D )