Thank you, Holly

Without Holly Lisle's years of work and inspiration, there would be no Forward Motion.


In late 1997, Holly Lisle decided to put her 'Pay Forward' philosophy to work by creating the first incarnation of Forward Motion, a community where writers could help writers.  For the next six years she not only spent time helping writers, she also funded the site from her own pocket and did all the web site maintenance. 


Forward Motion grew from a few dozen people posting on boards to more than 2000 members with boards, classes, critique groups, chat rooms -- a constant hub of activity.   This is the largest free writers' site of its type on the Internet, and many people have found inspiration, help and encouragement through it. Quite a few have made their first sales after joining Forward Motion.


In the closing months of 2003, Holly decided to step away from the site to spend more time with her family and in pursuing her busy career.  Having long held the belief that people shouldn't put their names to things they have nothing to do with, she asked that 'Holly Lisle' be taken off of the Forward Motion and Vision banners.

(See Holly's explanation for leaving the community here:


Even though Holly's name is no longer prominent on the site, Forward Motion will always be her child -- the one that grew up to be far more than expected, but which we hope will continue to make her proud.


Thank you, Holly.  You will always remain an inspiration to writers. And you will always be part of this site.

Lazette Gifford
December 29, 2003

Be sure to visit Holly's web site and see what she's up to these days!