Pirate Gold Store

Pirates of FM Challenge LogoHey there, fellow Word Pirate! Want to know what you can purchase with all that shiny FM Pirate Gold? Well, you came to the right place!

Be on the lookout for limited-time badges and digital goodies.



Free – Deadline Achieved – Digital Certificate with your deadline goal name!

Free – Digital printable stars issued for special achievements and consistency.

Free – Special badges for accomplishments and participation in special events.

100 – Purchase Wordlubber Badges

Currently Available: (list to come!)

250 – Digital Treasure Bag – Purchase a drawing for special digital treasures that cannot be earned any other way!

500 – Purchase Page Swab Badges

Currently Available: (list to come!)

750 – Treasure Bag – Take a dip into the Treasure Bag! For those in the US this means you get treasures actually mailed to you! For those outside the US, you get to draw for unique digital treasure that can’t be won any other way!

1000 – Purchase First Draft Mate Badges

Currently Available: (list to come!)

2500 – Purchase Cap’n o’the Word Badges

Currently Available: (list to come!)

7500 – Treasure Chest – Did you know there is something even bigger than the Treasure Bag? Yeppers! This is the second tier of physical treasures for those in the US and unique digital treasures for the rest of the world!