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Mesg #90474 "New Traditional Publishing Forum"
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Date Sat Feb-25-12 01:55 AM



Sat Feb-25-12 02:29 PMby MarFisk

As part of our restructure we have a new board- the Traditional Publishing Forum.

This for those people who wish to submit their works via the Traditional Publishing route, that is, use an agent, editor and/or publisher who will publish and market their story. This is for those who want to concentrate their creativity on writing their words.

We recognise that publishing doesn’t have to be an either Indie or Traditional decision. You can have a mix of both, but each method has different issues that a writer has to deal with. This forum is to help you with those issues related to Tradition Publishing

Here you can ask questions about query letters and summaries, even post them so others can read and give comments. If you find a market you can post the details, or if you have submitted and have some thoughts about the process. Maybe you want to know if anyone else has used an agent. Maybe you don’t understand what the publisher means by ‘Standard Submission Format’ – then ask here.

Basically anything dealing with Traditional Publishing is open under this forum.

So come on down and join in the fun of getting your words published by someone else.


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Lobby 2. Welcome Main Community Discussion Board topic #90474 Previous topic | Next topic
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