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Lobby 2. Welcome The Reading Room Reading Challenges 2012 topic #24
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Subject: "33. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins" Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #181 "33. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins"
Author Lucy     Click to send email to this author Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list
Author Info Member since Jun 18th 2005
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Date Wed Apr-18-12 08:15 AM


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Well, well, well. This is going to be spoilery so don't read if you haven't read the book and are planning to.

I'm having a love-hate relationship with Katniss. I like how strong she seems at times - within the Games, supporting her family, doing what she thinks needs to be done to keep everyone going.

I *hate* how the love triangle makes her seem so wishy washy ALL THE TIME. And I don't like that she does seem to be falling apart more, the farther into the series I get. Is Collins trying to comment on what happens to people during war when they don't really stand for something? I mean, Gale has a definite position, and I suppose Peeta's determination to see that Katniss survives could be considered a position.... I just feel like Katniss flips back and forth on what needs to be done so much. And why was she so angry with Peeta towards the end of the book? I must have missed something. Her "I hate him, I'll keep him alive, but I'm going to be really bitchy towards him now" attitude being launched by the slightest perceived slight drove me CRAZY.

What would have made me happy?

If Katniss stuck with her feeling that Gale is definitely 'just' her best friend as per the beginning of the Hunger Games. This would have allowed for her to still desire to protect him and respect and value his opinion, but it would have also allowed her to fall in love with Peeta without so much inner conflict. And then the focus could have been put on how to keep that fragile relationship alive in the chaos of the Games and the ensuing revolt. There would have been some conflict too over what she thought would be best for Peeta versus her family but maybe it wouldn't have rendered Katniss so completely flip-floppy.

And, of course, without the triangle to distract her emotions, she could have been more of a conscious participant within the political machinations of the book.

Regarding the broader context of the book, I did find the world that Collins created to be quite intriguing. I'd like to know more about a lot of the different elements - who are these peacekeepers, why are there so many, because the people in the Capitol seem a little, ah, flighty a lot of the time. So how are they raising such a big fighting force to smack down the Districts - or is it just a question of firepower?

I'd like to know more about how the Avox live, to know more about life in the different Districts. I'd have liked to see Katniss interacting with non-romantic interest friends more.

I'm sure I'll read the last book in the series to see how things are resolved (I did skim it to get a sense of where things go, but i'll read it through for the full effect). I'm just not sure that this series *overall* really does it for me. Great ideas, great concepts, but poor execution of romantic subplot and the main character just deteriorates too much for me.

Note that I do get that she's in a really extreme situation so it does make sense for Katniss to mentally start shutting down, but I guess I expected a little more. I would have been fine if she'd had moments of weakness, an emotional breakdown here and there, tunnel vision on a goal she's set for herself, etc.. But making a decision and then two pages later reversing that decision and then two pages later not knowing what to do and two pages later loving someone and two pages later hating them and so on just drove me nuts.


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