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Lobby 2. Welcome The Reading Room Reading Challenges 2012 topic #2
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Subject: "1. Syndrome by Thomas Hoover" Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #3 "1. Syndrome by Thomas Hoover"
Author djredhawk     Click to send email to this author Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list Click to send message via AOL IM
Author Info Member since Jan 06th 2003
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Date Mon Jan-30-12 03:16 PM



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I liked this one. It’s a medical science-fiction genre, along the lines of Robin Cook and late Dean Koontz. A brilliant scientist finds the cure to damned near anything if the thing is chemically manipulated properly. Unfortunately, one of his human trials backfires, and there’s a cover up. I had to suspend my belief with the main character—if there were that many things indicating I was being railroaded into joining the human trials of an experimental process, I’d be damned if I’d walk in the front door to begin with. Other than that, it was a good book.

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Lobby 2. Welcome The Reading Room Reading Challenges 2012 topic #2 Previous topic | Next topic
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