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Lobby 2. Welcome The Reading Room Reading Challenges 2012 topic #126
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Subject: "22. Moby-Dick, by Herman Mellville" Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #312 "22. Moby-Dick, by Herman Mellville"
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Date Tue Aug-07-12 05:53 PM



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This was another audio book I went through, read fantastically by Frank Muller. I cannot praise his reading enough, for this was over 21 hours of listening, and he managed to somehow keep you engaged with distinct characterizations for almost every character that you could tell who was speaking even when you had no text before you. But on to the tale.

A classic, and an amazing one that I had heretofore managed to miss out on. Probably not what I would call an easy read, for some of the language is a bit older, not quite archaic, but of an older tone and vocabulary that isn't all in common use today. Like many an older book, when you read it, you'll likely think to yourself, how on earth did he get this past his editor? There are huge stretches of text, chapters and chapters of it, that do nothing to advance the story or the plot, but only serve to give you a deeper connection to the profession of whaling, and the knowledge of whales and their behaviors. I would not be at all surprised to find abridged versions of the tale that trim nearly all of that out. How sad, if it's true, because it's some amazing stuff, even as I admit, had I read it instead of listened to it being read, I would have been sorely tempted to skim heavily those chapters instead of reading intently. The challenge being it is hard to rightly know and understand the ship and her crew and their world without being exposed to that life. It would be a shame to limit the text only to the direct course of action of the pursuit of the White Whale, though I admit, I did indeed become more and more impatient for that final battle the longer the book went.

Worth a read if you haven't yet. Worth a listen if you've the time and inclination.

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