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Lobby 2. Welcome The Reading Room Reading Challenges, 2010 topic #34
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Mesg #78 "RE: Cat's Readling Log"
Author CatrinP     Click to send email to this author Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list
Author Info Member since Dec 05th 2005
2772 posts
Date Wed Jan-06-10 02:37 AM



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6 Jan

1. Aesop's fables - for some unknown and totally incomprehensable reason I thought I'd read these for plot bunny ideas. Thankfully none came to fruition; or I stomped them before they congealed.

2. Wholly Irresponsible Exploites (65 ways to muck about with science) - two reason for reading. One was to see if I would let my boys have it - I will. The second to see if there might be things suiable for teaching - there is.

3. Helm (Steven Gould) - Reread - a science fiction book based around aikido. Good fight scenes, an interesting story, a few ideas I liked, interesting characters and some wordage that bugged me, second time reading. The same phrase in the fights kept turning up (XXX does something, his head slightly forward. YYY took the bait.) it bugged me by the end of the reading. Note to self, watch for same in own writing.

4. The Young and the Restless - A Touch of Paradise - I knew there was a reason I never watched the soapies. Book cost me 50 cents and it was a waste of money and an hour's reading time. well I least I confirmed not to watch the soapies and not to buy related books. I was hoping for a good dramatic bitch fight, but it failed to deliver even that.

5. The Complete Encyclopedia of Signs and Symbols - Mark O'connell, Raje Airey. - I suppose I haven't read it word for word, cover to cover, but I've scanned all the chapters, stopping to read sections that appeal or apply to characters and stories. My vampires always had a symbolic way of written communication, they don't have a written language, nor recorded histories. Why bother recording for prosperity when the race is virtually immortal, solitary except for mating time, and have a innate need to remain alive and thus hidden. They use symbols to indicate territories, including marking hmans as part of territory. This book has helped me define those symbols, as well as other aspects of their lives and of my other races. Well enough that I'm putting the book back on my bookshelves.


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