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Lobby 2. Welcome The Reading Room Reading Challenges, 2010 topic #30
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Subject: "13 - 17. Twelve Houses series" Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #564 "13 - 17. Twelve Houses series"
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Date Sat Apr-03-10 01:06 AM



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Mystic & Rider (book 1)
by Sharon Shinn

(fantasy, light romance)

This book, for me, was everything a series opener should be: it introduces the characters you’ll follow through the rest of the books, it sets up the world quite nicely, and it has a conflict that can be concluded in one book while still leaving plenty of larger conflict for the rest of the series. Sometimes it is hard to find a book-concept that does not drown in the series-conflict. Or a series-conflict that does not seem slapped together to make the individual book-conflicts into one large story.

Senneth and Tayse are the main characters in this book, though there is less focus on them than there is on the MC’s in the later books of the series. I suspect this is because the whole world, and the whole group of friends, needed to be created. We couldn’t look back to what came before to make this story make sense. Even so, they are the best developed, theirs is the POV we see, and theirs is the romance at the heart of the story. I really enjoyed this book, enough that upon getting it out of the library I decided I wanted to own it. (I now do.)

Grade: A-


The Thirteenth House (book 2)
by Sharon Shinn

(fantasy, light romance)

Coming after a book I liked so much, this installment was a huge disappointment. The “why” of my dislike for it is easy to sum up: the main character has an affair throughout most of the story, and it turned me off. Not to say that my MCs have to be perfect, far from it. But I had been looking on this as a romance series, which meant I was going to get a Happily Ever After, which meant… what? That the unfaithful couple were going to end up together? That they would end the affair and be with people they didn’t truly love? Since I read this around a time in my life where my own guy was being unfaithful, this was not a way to make a repeat reader out of me. I am just glad that the first book in the series was interesting enough to me that I read book 3, because — as I’ve said — that one is my favorite. This one (book 2) is my least.

Now, not to bash on the characters. Kirra is an enjoyable POV character, and it’s fun to see her viewpoint on everything. It’s hard to pin down her character type, because the people around her see her as flighty but there are many hints that she is not. Being inside her head is fun.

The plot, also, advances the story well. (Both the book-specific and the series plots.) It is well told, and I got over my dislike of the affair to buy this book as well as the rest of the series.

Grade: B-


Dark Moon Defender (book 3)
by Sharon Shinn

(fantasy, light romance)

I love this book. I want a guy like Justin. If there is one book in this series that I wish I could claim as my writing, it is this one. Style-wise, it feels the way the others do. It is as well written, as well plotted. It doesn’t have my favorite cover art. But I love it.

Somehow, I suspect it is the romance of this book that makes me love it most. This one has the sweetest of the romances, the love that tugs at your heart and makes you believe that it’s real. And the scene where Justin essentially proposes to Ellynor in front of her family? Makes me cry every time I read it. It’s so sweet.

I do also like the several different ways this book ties into the first two. There are things hinted at in the other books that are answered here, though I don’t know if they were planned from the start or just happened to work out. Whatever the reason, this book really shines for me. And based on her website, it looks like this is one of the author’s favorites, too.

Grade: A/A+ (depends on my mood)


Reader & Raelynx (book 4)
by Sharon Shinn

(fantasy, light romance)

(This book, for those keeping score, has my favorite cover art of the series.)

Arguably, the series-conflict ends in this book. There is a war, which is what the plots of the books before this one have all been leading up to. As such, this book ties up a lot of loose ends (though it does create a few more).

I really enjoy the character development in this book. Some people who had been minor characters become more important in this one, and we get more answers. Cammon is perhaps my second favorite character in the series, so I am glad to have his book to read. I am not as sure about Amalie, partly because her personality is rather different than mine and it took me a while to “get” her. But also partly because I was wary (the first time I read it) of having another “forbidden love” kind of thing like in book 2.

However, I love the way the war plays out. I love the way so many different characters we’ve met reconnect with each other. I love the way the book resolves itself. My favorite is still book 3, but this is a very good read.

Grade: A


Fortune & Fate (book 5)
by Sharon Shinn

(fantasy, light romance)

Of the books out to date (and not counting a short story that I just found out about), this is the first to not follow one of the main 6 characters. And that has an impact. I like Wen, I really do. But it’s not quite the same. (It’s close enough to the same that I still want more books in the world. Don’t get me wrong.)

I find it fascinating how this book looks at the aftermath of the war. What things have changed, what things have not, and all that. It really is a study on humanity to see what we can believe will change when someone preaching hate is taken out of the picture. It is also a book that has strong themes of loyalty and belonging. While I don’t always agree with Wen’s choices, I do sympathize with them.

That said… my favorite part of the book is when Justin seeks Wen out and gets her to return to see everyone else. My second favorite part is when they go off on their rescue mission together. The romance stuff doesn’t even get considered for my third favorite part. It, to me, is the weak link in this book. But, a weak link in a strong book is still not a bad part… just not as good a part.

Grade: A-

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