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Subject: "RE: Missing that feeling. " Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #91377 "RE: Missing that feeling. "
Author eblgorton     Click to send email to this author Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list
Author Info Member since Dec 17th 2003
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Date Fri Aug-17-12 07:14 PM



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First off, I think you should re-evaluate what your goals are for writing. You mention potential, best-sellers and then wanting this feeling back. Ask yourself when "I had those feelings I am trying to recover, were those projects 'fun' or with 'I gotta sell it' in mind?"

When the mind is focused on sell sell sell, or 'bag an agent' some people, myself included, lose the fun of writing, and by losing the fun of writing, lose that feeling. Often times it shows in your work too. You loose that 'spark'.

Once you evaluate your goals, I want you to assign yourself 10 min of free-writing every single day. No goals, no thinking of 'am I going to sell this?', no, focus on writing just 10 min, even spaced out throughout the day 2 min here, 2 min there, can add up. Like you did when you first started writing, just play, without plans for anything but just writing out whatever comes to mind. I know a couple of writers who use this sort of method to help get themselves focused.

As a mother of 9 kids, ranging from 18 to 2, I have gone through dry periods of no stories, no words, no ideas even(hard to believe), those things happen, especially as you are trying to manage a household and real life stuff.

I have also written with babies on my knees and had to choose, shower or fight scenes, juggling scenes with playing peek-a-boo and band-aid-ing scratched knees. I've taken pads of paper with me to dr offices, missed my turns while driving because I was working out characters and plots.

Being a parent and a writer isn't easy. It's damn hard. The question I had to sit myself down, and really think about was; How important is writing to me? Which goes back to the first question; What are your goals with writing and adding to it; How bad do I want that?

I can't give you all the answers, I can't tell you how to keep your focus on the stories you start or how to finish them, I can't wave a wand, and there is NO magic pill. It all boils down to you and how bad you want to make your writing happen. If you want it bad enough, nothing can stand in your way of doing it, except yourself.

Good Luck.

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