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Mesg #91371 "RE: Missing that feeling. "
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Date Thu Aug-16-12 07:01 AM



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You will get it back. I know because I did. I put the muse on sabatical during my two pregnancies, but she refused to stay there and came back fighting by the time the kids were three months old. Just in time for me to go back to work and have NO time for writing.

But I did. It was in small spurts here and there (very small spurts). Things will feel rusty, but practice is the very best oil.

As long as you have the desire, you'll find a way to write. Write more, write different. I definitely took some turns in my writing after the kids. I took risks more often trying new things - genres, characters, flash fiction.

I suggest making a goal for yourself. Find the easiest means possible to assist your writing (even if it means a small tote bag with a pen and notebook following you everywhere).

Make a goal of opening the notebook every day an adding a sentence to it.

That one sentence will grow into more when you have time/energy. And when you don't, it'll at least be one sentence, even if it's crappy.

It could be an uotline, a story, a poem. It just needs to be something to get your brain moving. If you're anything like me, you might need time to percolate stuff in which case the one sentence goal will help that along.

The second part is become used to doing things tired. You CAN write tired. Some of my favorites have resulted from fighting to keep my eyes open as I type.

I suggest the one sentence goal, but you choose whatever bit you need to make it manageable and NOT SCARY when you think about it.

WRITE THAT GOAL DOWN. A post it in your bathroom. On the fridge. On the wall next to the front door so you see it on your way out.

And go ahead, put a smiley on it because you are your own cheerleader and if you set yourself up for it, you'll succeed at getting this going again.

Btw my kids are 6 and 3.5 now. The muse that came back when they were each 3 months persisted. She wouldn't leave me alone. So I did the notebook thing and then typed stuff up in the evenings after the kids were in bed. By the time they were a year, I was back in the swing of things. The rust was gone, and though I was still tired (I don't think that ever goes away? lol), I was writing with what I felt was at least my old skill with a new perspective.

Do what you can to keep yourself healthy: extra water, vitamins if you believe in those... my crutch for years was pop, but I've since given that up.

Good luck and if you want to talk more, feel free to email or PM. The kid+writing thing isn't easy but it CAN be done.

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