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Subject: "Is anybody here into humour." Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #90882 "Is anybody here into humour."
Author Weird Jim     Click to send email to this author Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list
Author Info Member since Jun 13th 2002
6262 posts
Date Mon May-21-12 12:35 AM



For a long time I've promised myself that I'd read more of Saki's stuff. Saki's name was H.H.Munro and he died in the the Great War (aka WW I)in 1916. It was a great loss for literature.

Previously the only thing I'd read of his was Tobermory which is perhaps his most famous story. It's about a cat being taught to speak, and it's been anthologised many times.

So tonight I downloaded Beasts and Super-Beasts from Gutenberg. I found the first stories funny and refreshing and not full of the insults that often pass for humour these days.

Sometimes it's possible to anticipate what's going to happen, but it's still funny when the final effect is visulised.

I just thought I'd post in case anybody here is a bit down and needed the cheering lift of a touch of laughter. And the price is right, of course, absolutely free.

Weird Jim

"Good reading is the only test of good writing"
Robertson Davies. A voice from the attic 1960


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Lobby 2. Welcome Main Community Discussion Board topic #90882 Previous topic | Next topic
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