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Topic subject25. Soulless by Gail Carringer **Goal Reached
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1120, 25. Soulless by Gail Carringer **Goal Reached
Posted by Lucy, Wed Dec-22-10 01:13 AM
So pleased to reach my goal for the last four months of the year with this book.

I should have read Soulless when I first bought it so that I'd have Changeless and Blameless already. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the sequels.

I read a review that suggested the book should have been more heavily marketed as a romance - and this was a fair assessement. The Steampunk components, which I had been lead to believe were strong, were not so strong. Yes, there's a Victorian setting, with the Queen herself putting in an appearance. And we have werewolves and vampires setting this reality apart from our own. But steampunk? A brass/buckshot outfitted parasol and references to diribles and scientific experiments fail to fully satisfy me on this point. The experiments do have some significance, but I think there's too much reliance on the supernatural and magical for me to be satisfied with this book as a suitable representation of steampunk. More steampunk will definitely be on my list for next year's reading.

A real strength of this book was the voice it was written in. I loved it and it made me feel inspired to stop letting myself get caught up in what genres are saleable and what the conventions are for those genres in terms of voice. I was able to remember that authors each put their own spin on a genre through the voice in which they write, and that there's no reason I couldn't bring something fresh to the table as long as I stay true to myself and stop worrying about not being prepared to pounce on the newest/fuure trends.