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Topic subject8. Night Shadow by Catherine Coulter
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1027, 8. Night Shadow by Catherine Coulter
Posted by Lucy, Tue Oct-05-10 09:12 PM
This was the second in the 'night' series by Ms. Coulter, and I haven't read the first. That said, I wsan't missing out on anything - it wasn't even obvious to me who the couple from the first book were until I looked at the author's website.

I liked the sense of humor in this book. I didn't entirely get why the children and Lily (MC) were so afraid and almost subservient. Though they'd recently been through quite a bit, there wasn't really a history that would have moulded them to be so afraid that they'd be thrown out/rejected by Knight.

I found it irritating that the misunderstanding between the couple was so obvious, but I was glad to see the male lead err and acknowledge his error. There definitely should have been more apologizing on his part.

I'll look for the first one, I think.