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Topic subjectBeth's 2010 Books
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853, Beth's 2010 Books
Posted by bethparker, Sun Jul-04-10 11:59 AM
I'm starting this halfway through the year, but I will still try for 50. I'm going to go ahead and list the books I read while on vacation last month and the books I've read since I got back.

854, The Well-Fed Writer - Bowerman
Posted by bethparker, Sun Jul-04-10 12:00 PM
I read this on the way to Michigan on vacation. It's probably about the third time I've read it. This one's a keeper.
855, Write More, Sell More - Bly
Posted by bethparker, Sun Jul-04-10 12:01 PM
Here's another one I've read several times. I like to go over it now and then to refresh my memory.
856, Writing for Quick Cash - Oberlin
Posted by bethparker, Sun Jul-04-10 12:03 PM
I'm not as impressed with this one. If you have the first two on my list, you definitely don't need to buy this book. The other two are better.
857, The Wealthy Writer - Meanwell
Posted by bethparker, Sun Jul-04-10 12:05 PM
I just bought this one and read it for the first time. It includes a lot of examples, especially of corporate writing. This is another one that will be read over and over.
880, America's Last Days - MacKinnon
Posted by bethparker, Mon Jul-12-10 01:35 PM
It was all right, but not one of the best books I've ever read. I thought the ending was disappointing. It was like he took his time writing the rest of the book and then got in a big hurry to finish it.