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Topic subject45. The Lonely Now by Nicky Cruz
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829, 45. The Lonely Now by Nicky Cruz
Posted by alissaameth, Wed Jun-23-10 03:02 PM
Religion/Drugs, 143 pages.

This was a quick read--the majority of it is letters sent to Nicky Cruz along with his responses to them. "The Lonely Now" is what he calls the young people who turn to drugs, sex and other things because they're looking for something filling. He begins the book with a couple of chapters explaining how this book came about. He was back in New York, talking to a couple of guys he used to be in a gang with. (Nicky Cruz used to lead a gang, but left that lifestyle when he accepted Jesus, starting with turning all his weapons into the police. A book called Run, Baby, Run tells his story. I haven't read it, but I've heard parts of it.) The guys comment that things have changed since their younger days, and the younger and younger kids are getting hooked on drugs. Apparently, Cruz gets a lot of letters from young people and parents alike asking for help, so he decided to compile a lot of the letters (some anonymous that he couldn't answer by mail) so that more people could benefit from them.

It was a sad read, but also uplifting in his hopeful responses. He ends the book with a chapter about "turning the world upside down" and not settling for anything less than God and not giving up.