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Topic subject29. Visual Arts as a Way of Knowing by Karolynne Gee
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645, 29. Visual Arts as a Way of Knowing by Karolynne Gee
Posted by alissaameth, Sun Apr-18-10 03:47 PM
Education, 168 pages.

Of the four "Way of Knowing" books I've read for my "Teaching the Arts" class this semester (Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance), this one is by far the best. Not only is it well-written, but it includes both inspiring parts and very practical parts. It made me want to draw/paint/make art, and it made me want to include such activities in my future classroom. That was the inspirational part. The practical part made very helpful suggestions for the classroom, both in terms of how artists work and how teachers can work with their students as artists. The author emphasizes that teachers need to spend time with art--viewing it and creating it--in order to keep their own creativity alive while encouraging students' art. A particularly strong point in this book is that it gave concrete examples of how to integrate visual arts with subject content, such as math or science. The "Teaching the Arts" class I'm taking is geared for regular classroom teachers who want to utilize the arts in their classrooms, so I appreciated the effort the author took to tie it in with the curriculum.

I recommend this book!