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Topic subject24. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
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551, 24. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
Posted by alissaameth, Wed Mar-31-10 09:41 PM
Fiction, 77 pages.

I didn't know whether to count this, since it's so short, but I figure it doesn't matter. Wikipedia calls it a novel, the introduction to my edition calls it a novella and my professor says it's practically a short story. I wonder which it is!

Again, I read through this too quickly to really appreciate it. (I'm seeing a trend here, and I don't like it. I clearly need to make more time for my reading.) However, I know that it is definitely a story I would like to re-read! The style it's written in is very... dense and moody, I would say. By "dense" I don't mean that it's difficult to read (although some of the paragraphs are mighty long, which I don't like so much). I thought the first person narrator sounded very real, so it was easy to imagine him speaking these words.

Honestly, part of my reason for wanting to re-read it is because I did notice how well-written it is, but I didn't pay as much attention to what it's about or what actually happens in the story. (I know, that's a big piece to miss. This isn't the book's fault--it was me reading too fast.) It's a rich text.