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Topic subject22. Guanya Pau by Joseph J. Walters
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496, 22. Guanya Pau by Joseph J. Walters
Posted by alissaameth, Fri Mar-19-10 08:41 AM
Fiction, 112 pages.

This was an easy, fast read. It's a short novel (novella?) with a lot of short chapters that don't dally. The authors style is very straight-forward and, in my opinion, not all that engaging. It is told in a light-hearted way, which makes the ending a big surprise. (I appreciate the whole story more after reading the ending.)

The full title is "Guanya Pau: A Story of an African Princess." Guanya Pau is in love with a man named Momo, but finds out that her parents betrothed her to another when she was still a young child. To avoid marrying this unknown man, she and her friend run away. On the run, they travel from place to place and experience how women are treated poorly everywhere they go. That's the gist of the story line.

It isn't a bad story. If I could ask for more from it, I would want more character development, especially for Guanya Pau. I don't feel like I know her and I don't care about her. (And if he's writing about women's rights, perhaps getting us to like the women in the story might be a good start?) The story is sparse on all kinds of description, actually, which is just a stylistic thing. I would've liked to know more about the setting, too, but I don't think that's as essential to me as character development.